METUEvents 2012’de kurulmuş, ODTÜ’de olup biten her şeyi ODTÜ’lülere hızlı ve doğru biçimde ulaştırmayı hedefleyen ve aynı zamanda ODTÜ’lünün işine yarayacak birçok bilgiyi barındıran bir internet sitesidir.






Merve Ercan / Sosyal Medya

Deniz Beste Akdoğdu / Sosyal Medya

Asım Doğan Namlı / Teknik İşler


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We are the students of Middle East Technical University and we aim for making everyone know about what’s going on in the campus, including any meeting, seminar, course, concert or a theatre performance. We’re about raising the culture level of the students and removing the difficulties on their way to hear and attend these activities.

But this is not the entire story. We provide information about the activities and charities of all the student clubs and societies, faculties, departments and Alumni Association on a daily basis. You can reach all the information about international competitions and social projects. Our site also provides assistance for the freshmen and who doesn’t know about the university. In addition, under our ‘Societies tab’, there are plentiful of usable knowledge about them.

If you think it doesn’t seem interesting so far, there is more: The ‘advertisements tab’ is also an important part of our site. By this tab, you can search for scholarships, internships, part-time jobs, housing, furniture and books; or you can give advertisements by yourself.

But how we do all this stuff? The key factor is that all the clubs, societies and also students individually send this information themselves. To sum up, we are a non-profit and free informational student web site.